Thursday, October 21, 2010

some days are better than others.....

In case you were wondering about my dressing technique - some days i kinda just choose clothes at random. Making sure all bits that need to be covered are covered, and I'm warm enough I go with whatever happens, clashing colours be damned - you can't really see it in the pic, but I have on a pink top and red socks. :OD

Some days as a Stay At Home Mum I beat myself up a bit for not interacting with my kids more, not playing with them. Yeah we go out in the mornings most days to Playcentre, where they get all sorts of fun messy cool things to do, but once we're home I don't do those things with them.

And I hear other parents talking about how they made playdough, or crafty things with their kid. Or they did baking together. Or the kid did painting....and I think, I really should do more with my boys, they will be at school soon and I won't see them so much.

So I let my guard down, the Dynamic Duo ask to do something and I say ok. 

And then shit like this happens and I remember why I took them to Playcentre in the first place - so I didn't have to have messy play in MY HOUSE!! 

It started out ok, SirTalksALot wanted to do some "stars". To my reply that I didn't have any more he said "yeah! you have some in there" pointing to MY pencil box.  *lightbulb*  "ahhh, the stamps? sure."  I got them out, he already had paper and showed him how to do it. Of course what Sir does, Ginger Ninja wants to do too. So I got more paper out, set them up. Then walked away to do something else, like I dunno, get myself lunch before my stomach ate my kidneys.

Dumb Idea. When I got back (all of 2 mins later) Ninja had decided that using the stamps was not the look he was going for, so instead he was stamping the paper with the ink pad. He also got his hands & the table too. *sigh*  So I sent him to wash his hands, so there's ink on the sink too.     

Very Dr Suess sounding that. Ink on the Sink. And the Table. And the Floor. Child out of favour. Cry goes out "Why'the hell'd you do that for??" Mum scrubbing furiously. Ink still on the Sink. 
 Where's the Cat in the Hat when you need him?!

Needless to say, the tv went on, the paper and ink went away. I went and got some chocolate and double strength coffee.... I think we'll just have quiet time tomorrow afternoon.   :O/

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  1. Good on you for trying! But that is why you do playcentre so you can be clean & guilt free at home!! Good to know where your boundaries lie too. Reminding yourself is never a bad thing.