Friday, October 15, 2010

ah distractions how I love thee

Just a short one tonight, as it's already 1130pm.... I was gonna do a huge rant on STOOPID DRIVERS not obeying the road rules but based on the number of times it has happened in the last year, I'm sure another one will nearly crash into me someday soon. 

So I will rant then. Jeepers.

I got distracted this evening by Captain Awesome being home late from work and then rushing out the door for 
The Most Awesomest Haircut EVER..... cut my good friend The Best Hairstylist in the Universe! (if you really really wanna know her name email me)

And it was awesome to see her husband too....BONUS of having my hair done at her place!! Super Win  :OD 

Although the pics don't really do it justice. It looks like I was attacked by a lawnmower on acid. As I wanted something "patchy" and "that looks like I escaped from a mental institution"  I'm pretty sure we achieved that! 

In other news.....
Today in preparation for attending her concert at end of month (squee! so psyched as last time it was brilliant fun. AND I'm hanging with my little big sis, so that's brilliant too!) I went out and bought a couple of Brooke Fraser's cds - her first, and her latest (3rd). I would totally recommend getting hold of some. I can't choose just one fav, but listening to this one on the way home to feed a screaming babe make me feel like she was describing my life....

ALSO! folks I didn't forget - as promised pics of me from yesterday. Yes I retrieved the camera. Although it was a close thing, I nearly walked out without it. Again.  sheesh.  

If my head wasn't attached I'd need wood screws!

                                                           Littletoastfairy  :O)
 Thanks to Darling Girl who not only offered to take the pic, but did a fine job. She is Awesome! 

Today's outfit wasn't very exciting in comparison, so with the new haircut an' all, pfffft, I'm not gonna bother with it....

Sleep well people.  Hope you get more than me! I have a husband to catch up with ;O)

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  1. ahh! just realised why I recognise those leg warmers!! :D lovin' it :D