Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ok, I'll admit I have an addiction

Actually if I think about it it's more of a complusion.  
You who know me may not even be that surprised by it. 
I love chocolate.  I need chocolate.  I crave it. I have to have it on my person (ok, in my bag - handbag sounds so Old Ladyish but you know what I mean!) at all times. 

I will buy it when I'm at the shops, online when I do the weekly shop, I think about it when I'm looking at junkmail, I take it with me in the car. Although often times that doesn't end well.... melted chocolate is reaaaally hard to eat out of those little packety things y'know?!

But why I say it is more a complusion than an addiction is that although I buy it often, and I have it in my bag, the fridge, the cupboard, my bedside drawer, and in the glovebox (dumbdumbdumb when it's a sunny hot day like today *facepalm*) I don't actually eat it everyday.  weird huh?

I had a snickers bar that I had to eat recently coz it had managed to be carried around in my bag so long it was past it's expiry date. Yeah I hear ya, why didn't I just throw it out?  But that would be a waste of chocolate!! *incredulous look* are you Crazy with a capital C?!

So, although I love chocolate (and funnily for all that love I keep typing it incorrectly), especially the dark stuff with runny creamy centres hmmmm oh yeah that's so yummy *snaps awake* sorry what? 

 Oh yeah, so for all that love, I don't actually consume on a daily basis that much chocolate.  Just another hint at the weirdness that is my life I guess!!  :OD

Stay tuned for more!   

p.s...I just had to include this, I know it sounds a little mean but I couldn't get the tune outta my head.  Set up - Monkey boy is a little tired and def sick with head cold (you know the deal, green snot and plenty of it, feverish etc), he is being redirected inside which involves turning on wood kitchen floor. here's the pic, and here's the tune that was popped into my melon WHILE I was giving him cuddles and a feed....
"He fought the floor and, the floor won. He fought the floor and, the floor won!"

*sigh*  yup we're a little dark and twisted here at Chez ToastFairy  ;OD

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