Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy things

I've been finding a lot lately that one thing going wrong can ruin my day.

It's not even that bad. Maybe I'm being a little melodramatic about it. I know! SO not like me! :OP

As I sit here thinking about it, it occurs to me that it's a mind set kinda thing. I can let the little things throw me off balance, OR, and here's a novel thought - I can roll with the punches more.  You would think that for someone who is not a "planner" that this would come a little more naturally.  Apparently not.

I am finding however that little things can also make a positive difference. So this morning, altho I knew I would need practical clothes as I was babysitting some extra kids (it's what I do on fridays so that my boys #4 & #5 can have a Big Kid session at Playcentre. Time for activities that are trickier with little ones around, also a much smaller adult to child ratio - there are about 9 kids and 3 adults!). I needed a pick me up to get thru the last day of the week! and who doesn't? 

I have found mainlining coca-cola doesn't work for my skin (my eczema plays up when I'm dehydrated) and same for I have found it doesn't have the same "grab me by the balls and smack me awake" effect that others may enjoy. So, I wear fun clothes. You may have noticed. 

You may have missed that though. How the fuck you missed it I don't know. That kinda shit baffles me.

*shakes head* sorry, I had a point I'm sure. and it may have involved these....

My bestest birthday gift this year, and my snuggly "wear out the house" slippers.  It's amazing the comfort I found today with warm Happy Feet.

Altho seeing the sun sure helped too!!  Bring on summer baby!  :OD

And a wee friend showing me a book called Alice the Fairy by David Shannon....I'm going to look that up and see if I can't get me a copy. She told me the book made her think of me *blush*  aw schucks!  Have just looked (yay google) and this is her. Alice is a temporary fairy coz there are lots of tests to pass to be a permanent fairy. So Cute!!

Gah! can't get the pic to transfer so here's the link

Sadly it is only 9pm and I'm off to bed. Raising 6 kids and loving Captain Awesome Pants sure takes it out of this wee girl. 

As my good friend used to say to his then-girlfriend-now-wife  Dream in colour  ;OD


  1. gah, speak english boy - or at least translate for me please??? :O)

  2. 401 = failed, forbidden link, cos it's a link to where the picture is on your server, where we can't (and shouldn't be able to) access it :)

    put it up on twitpic or something similar, then link to that :)

  3. TOTALLY LOVE the rainbow socks!!!