Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I think I may have ADD....or Distraction Disorder. Or Housewife Workload Affect. What are you all doing here??

This is why I don't as a general rule make plans.

I was going to write something witty every day. Well, ok, fine.  5 times a week then :OP  I'm not sure *how* thought I would do that (6 kids, housework, Playcentre commitments - yes yes. I know I said I would explain this. I haven't forgotten - sleep, a reading habit to fuel).  But I knew that I needed to make it a regular thing, or I probably wouldn't keep it up.

Maybe I need to reassess when I write. Or write a bunch at one time. Maybe then with a little planning and forethought I too could be witty. Relevant. Interesting. Something that folk will want to come back to, see how things are progressing...  But, fuck. really? Who am I kidding?! I couldn't plan my way out of a paperbag with 2 hands, a flashlight AND a map! 

hmmm....ACTUALLY, I probably could do the planning. It's the sticking to it that I struggle with. I have got up from writing this at least half a dozen times  already to do little things - some urgent like cleaning up puke; some not so urgent like folding towels! 

And I have managed to get COMPLETELY off topic. So now this is disjointed. Welcome to my world. *manic grin* 

I was 'splaining why my day ends up crazy, why I don't really tend to make plans...

I have a list of things to do that I keep on my kitchen bench. It covers usual things like housework, but extra stuff as well. Some of these things are things I do every week like washing the littlier boys' sheets (monday), baking bread for the week (also monday). I still write them on the list. And I think this is mostly so I can cross them off, and not feel so bad about that one job that I've been meaning to do for a while now, but haven't quite got around to....

And the list is not to diminish all the things that I do in a day that AREN'T on it.  Like getting up. Feeding children. Reminding said children to go to the toilet. Reminding them to wash hands and PUT SOME FUCKEN PANTS ON!!  *ahem* 

But today, as a lot of days lately seem to have done, conspired against me. I made a comment to #4 & #5 that we could do some baking. Like childbirth. Or a banana. Saying something can be trouble.

Once it's out you can't get it back in.

So instead of resting, reading and hanging on the web like I usually do while #6 has his nap, we did some baking.  It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It also probably wasn't as 'hands on'  for the boys as it could have been.  But no one died or was even maimed by the end of it, so I call that SUCCESS  :O)

We made these..... 

Chocolate cake (that I'm about to ice and we'll eat for afternoon tea - another novelty in this House of Mayhem), and Dinosaur biscuits. 

Not long after we finished, just when I was contemplating a nap to recover #6 woke up. So no rest for the Wicked  ;O)  

 I feel like there was another thought I had to add. It would have fit nicely in here. But it's gone.  Oh! that's what it was.....hahahahaha  it fits in further up.  *facepalm*

On the plus side it was nice and sunny today and all that washing I was doing got dry. Can't complain about that!   Hope your day had at least a little "sunshine" of some sort in it  :OD

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