Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Sunday....

Yeah, I know I'm misquoting horribly.  

My blog. I can do what I want.  which is a nice change.  This has been a week of NOT doing what i want. Between sick kids, then me being sick.....bleurgh.

Not cool.

And I dunno that I have much to share today, but I"m kinda sat on the couch with my laptop trying not to move too much as last time I did that (I got up to clean up a bit) I felt ill. Not cool....

So, some musings. it's odd that with all of us living in this house together, and reasonably closely by NZ standards (the kids all share rooms, 3 a piece) that we don't get sick more often. More odd is that this time round EVERYONE BUT MONKEY has been sick.  Unless he was unwell just managed to have such a mild dose that he didn't hurl like the rest of us did.  Must be all that sand he's eaten and playing outdoors when wet he does at Playcentre. Or something.

Then another oddity, my whole life I've been told dairy is BAD when you've an upset tummy. So much so my kids aren't allowed milk (their staple drink) while recuperating, just as we weren't as kids.  But check this....guess what has settled my stomach these last coupla days?  Cheese. Cheese on kruskits with vegemite no less.

FUCKEN VEGEMITE. The thing i used to eat maybe once or twice a year, coz that's the only time I would want it.....I've been eating it heaps lately. by heaps I mean sometimes 3 times a day. That's just weird. 

And NO I'M NOT PREGNANT. Fuck off with ya. 

But on the upside altho I've still been completely fucked body wise and energy level wise of late, I haven't had a cold sore in a while, and that I believe I owe to all the Vit B I've been ingesting thanks to vegemite.  Wicked.  I'll take that little bit of good news.

So now that i've rambled for a bit, I will bid you adieu otherwise I will type nonsense all day long in a bid to pass the day.....  Fun for me, perhaps not so much for you.

Thanks again for reading. I noticed the other day that I've almost been blogging for 2 years, which altho is not as long as some, it's quite an achievement for me no?


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  1. The stack of you shoved into that close proximity might mean that you're all developing extremely strong immune systems.

    So that might explain why you're not all sick all the time. Same as with Monkey - eating dirt makes you strong, apparently. ;-]

    I'll pass on the vegemite thing, though. Might help family to know, although wouldn't help me, since I pass on it anytime it's offered... ;-]