Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas!

I've been thinking about this thing where e wish each other Merry Christmas....

Its weird for me coz I have friends and family who don't believe in the Christ part of Christmas, and friends and family who do.  I was raised Catholic so church has always been a huge part of everything we do.  in fact I'm sitting in the church foyer now, way too early for mass waiting. Typing this on my phone. My kids and husband are at home, too enamoured with new toys to come, but I know it means a lot to my mum to have family who her at mass at Christmas so here I sit.

And I don't mind being here.  I like mass. I'm not opposed to Catholicism like some of my siblings. Which is ok too... We each walk our own path.

What I find weird about it all is the wishing merry Christmas. Wishing each other well. Especially on social media. A blanket wishing to all and sundry. Coz lets be honest, altho there are people I know and love and see in person who are part of my internet community by there are some people who I haven't never spoken to who are online following me, or I follow. 

And altho  I don't wish anyone ill, not at all. Its feels weird to me to wish them merry.

And also I wish those I love merry EVERY day. Not just one arbitary day a year.

So this is me wishing you whoever you are wherever you are, merry.  wish you well. Love peace joy contentment. Fulfillment. And plenty to meet your needs.

ruthi  ;-)

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