Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last Coupla Months

So, in a recent post I was talking about how I've started meds. Mood Stabilisers I'm told, altho they are more commonly known as antidepressants.

I've also started seeing a guy, a therapist, counsellour. He said that my quick reaction to the meds means that it's most likely a biorganic thing, a condition that I've had since birth. Good to know it's not my kids driving me insane.  ;O)

Since I last posted it's been a bit crazy busy, hence the no posting. Sorry about that....

What's been happening?  Well, I went to Playcentre Conference which was work ish fun ish, tiring (coz of late nights and early mornings! plus it's tiring discussing stuff all day!) Loved it, so glad I went.

Then a coupla weeks later I had a Playcentre Workshop weekend. Thankfully like Conference it was relatively local so not so much travel time involved. Also like conference it was good but I cam home tired! It's such a boon for me to be in the same room as people who are passionate about quality early childhood education, who have knowledge I can absorb but are also so down to earth that I can relate to them and we always seem to have fun hanging out, even if we've just met!! Yay Playcentre. So Awesome!

Then the next weekend, my sis was free to watch the kids for us, so Admiral and I took off for a coupla nights. This wasn't brilliant timing as Admiral had been off work sick, but I didn't want to wait any longer. We don't get away BY OURSELVES nearly often enough. And every time we talk about doing it more regularly, then time goes by and we haven't been away for a couple of years *headdesk*    so we went away. He coughed. I was exhausted. But also, we talked and did things we don't normally have time for, like watch movies in bed with breakfast, go to day time movies, out for dinner, then have a massage before coming home.  Beautiful.

What else? This week the kids have been sick. I think they have what the Admiral had. So I've had at least one school kid home so far this week, some days more. Not so cool.  I've had a friends surprise birthday night out, which was awesome but not early. So I'm a little sleep deprived. nothing really that new there huh?!

Now I'm focussing on getting myself well, finding a balance between what i want to do (Playcentre stuff etc) and what I ACTUALLY have the energy to do *LeSigh*

I'm sure I'll be back to keep ya posted.... :O)

oh yeah, and I'm blonde now. Just blonde. Been getting compliments too, which is always nice!  ;OD  


  1. The friend is also still recovering, but appreciate the time you all took out for her. And you do look AWESOME as "just blonde" :0)

  2. Pics or it didn't happen! ;-]

    (of the blonde, I mean)