Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday nights....

 Friday evenings have become a time when we get takeaways, watch a movie, then do bugger all.

I'm kinda ok with this, but then I notice that time is passing us by and things I should have been getting done, haven't been getting done.

But it's friday night, it's end of the week, and I'm too tired to give a flying fuck about all those things I'm supposed to have done.

See  a cycle there??  Yeah me too.  ;O)

Anyhoos, I dunno how many of my 10 follows are still following me here - but I've caught myself thinking about writing on this blog thingy a bit lately so thought I would do something about it.

Reading back over previous (I was gonna say recent, but they're really not that recent at all!) posts, not a lot has changed.....We still have 6 kids, youngest still at Playcentre, I'm still doing centre, Assn & National Level stuffs for Playcentre. things are changing - restructure and all - it 's just happening for all Playcentre not just our Assn. (although i should point out that many of our 33 Assns across the country have been changing their structure over the last few years....)

Kitten is now a year old, he's named Teal'c.  Yeah we couldn't find a Star Wars name that fit, so we moved onto Stargate o_O

And once again I'm counting down to my Lil Big Bro coming home. I've missed him. Although, maybe not as strongly as I felt it last year as he's been away for the whole of the year and so I've had to cope without him.....Still miss him tho. Still counting sleeps till he gets here and I can share/show him all the things I've been up to... 5 sleeps to go!

Also, did i mention I do roller derby?  Yeah I do. Low contact, co-ed league Rimutaka Roller Derby. AND I LOVE IT!!

Along with my Playcentre peeps, these are my peeps too! It's been over a year now I've been practising (you have to train for aaaaaaaaaaaaages before you're qualified enough to bout!) and I'm getting pretty good at it. If I do say so myself :OD

So. That's me.  Still here. Still Delusional about a lot of things.

Still getting kicked off my computer so Admiral & Padawan can play games...  :O/ 

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