Thursday, November 4, 2010

where do you go to my lovelies.....?

Gah. Somehow this week I was so busy living that I didn't have time/energy to blog.

And now, having not been on any form of social media -crazy I know!- for 2 days I seem to have lost my ability to type!!  ugh.

<--- This is me dressed for chasing after lunatic children wandering around looking at animals.

This is me dressed for Playcentre session, and evening meetings --->

Monday was good. Now that I can look back at it. At the time it was exhausting hence the no blog, I had to sleep in the afternoon to recover. We had a Playcentre trip to a very cool animal place nearby. I'm not gonna name it, coz those who know our area will work it out, but I might, no I probably will, say some negative stuff and they don't need the bad press. It's not that the place itself is bad, it's not. It's a great place,   just not so much for those of us with kids who like to run ahead unattended.  It's a place with animals, water and bridges. Oh yeah, did I meantion the water? unfenced water.

So, here's some of the things we got up to, inbetween racing around after excited kids, attempting to keep them safe and coming home exhausted!!

There are ducks, geeses, chickens, swans, kunekune pigs, kea, doves, goldfish, rabbits, guinea pigs, little baby ducklings in an incubatory light thingy, peacocks for Africa, trout to feed, birds in avaries, more chickens, lambs, donkeys, a Clydesdale horse, goats, a cow, more pigs (Auckland Island this time I think), more birds in an enclosure you walk thru (like the kea and first bird avary - crap how do you spell the singluar of avaries?),  a river to throw rocks in, peacocks, a swing bridge, baby deer so cute, they found a tiny bridge they could have fallen off so easy but thankfully didn't, lambs, more rabbits, more goldfish and turtles.  It was awesomely cool. They were super excited.  Poor Monkey was desperate to get out of the pram and look, touch, pet, eat stuff.  Letting him go was simply more than I could cope with. 

Peacocks in the carpark - dinner anyone?? 
SirTalksALot by the *first* pool of death duck pond

And catching goldfish

Oh look, a wharf across a deep pond. Great idea!! :O/ Ginger Ninja running ahead

Swing bridge...(kids have already run ahead)

Over river to throw rocks in. That I learnt this year Ninja was fished out of last year by another group there at time. Coz he ran ahead. This is partly why I find visiting here lovely but stressful. I know, I know, I worry too much. Silly of  me.

This dude held us up for a good ten minutes (the kids were occupied with a train like wagon on a train like track they could push back and forth thankfully!). This crazy dude kept turning his back to me (and the other adult with our group) and shaking his arse feathers.  He wasn't the only peacock to do this to us either. What can I say? I'm fucken attractive to birds.
The funniest bit was this peahen totally ignoring him!!

So that was my monday. Tuesday I was racing round visiting friends I haven't seen in a while, while the elder ones were at school.  This was good, great even, but again tiring.  Big Nap. Early night for me on tuesday night.  

And then, wed. stoopid computer.  :O/

But now, I'm back, and hopefully I will have energy to be witty and informative again.

Well, at least I will make more effort for those who are tuning in regularly to write Something!!  :OD


  1. It's actually Aviaries, and Aviary, just to be pernickety...

  2. yeah, looking at it at the time I didn't think I had it right. But, and this really is a sign of how tired I am lately, I couldn't be bothered finding out how to spell it right.
    I usually care about such things....