Friday, November 12, 2010

Too busy

Hey there,   no news today....I've been too busy surfing websites!   ;OD

I found this one (altho someone has pointed it out to me a while ago) I have spent a large portion of today (inbetween doing stuff for kids and house) reading back over all the posts and watching the little vids.


If you're a mum you will *hopefully* find it funny, just remember to read the banner at top of page - it's SATIRE PEOPLE!!

Enjoy!    :OD

One wee story then,  Monkey was having his bedtime feed and Captain Awesome wanted to vacuum coz I had a friend coming over (she wouldn't have minded I'm sure).  Anyways, we know Monkey likes the vacuum so I moved us to the bedroom to finish feed. I forgot to shut the door..... dumbass. 

The cupboard that holds the vacuum is across the hall from our room. The child heard the vacuum being pulled from the cupboard and got off the breast.  I resettled him, but then he heard it start up and pulled off again, this time standing up on the bed and chatting, looking at the now closed door excitied. I pulled him down to finish the didn't last long.  He was away out the room to watch and wave his arms in the thrill of that which is the vacuum cleaner.

This morning one of the Dynamic Duo got the broom out (they use it to fetch toys from under the couch) and I came out of shower to see this.....
A boy with his favourite toy.  So Cute  :OD

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