Friday, November 5, 2010

Exciting things happen on fridays!!

If you're a 3 year old boy that is.

Last week it was a rubbish truck. This week it's a digger driving back and forth on our street. It's noisy as hell - I don't think caterpillar tracks were designed for use on asphalt. For the 3 young boys who hang out here on a friday morning it's exciting stuff though despite the noise.  They (two friends aged nearly 3 & 19 mths; & Monkey 16mths) come running when I open the gates to see what the noise is - hands up covering their ears, big grins on their faces.

And there we stand, on the pavement, watching the worked dude do his thing. Moving road cones, picking up the extra scoops, then driving past us r-e-a-l slow. He parked just past our house, so they were able to have a closer look!! 

Monkey watches approaching digger
Oh, look!! it's the rubbish truck this time though we're back inside playing with toys. 

Later....once the Dynamic Duo had been returned (in exchange for the kids I was watching) the worker dudes loaded the digger up onto the truck. So we sat and watched that happen, with LOTS of questions. Most of which came from SirTalksALot. Most of which also started with "why are they......??" 

Thankfully the noise from the truck starting up drove them inside. 

Also I have cinnamon swirls  Nom Nom Nom  *drool*   in the oven for eats. So the day ends a lot happier than it started for me....with a headache.   Enjoy your weekend!!  :OD

<--- Monkey was checking out the digger, but got distracted by a flower instead.... he's not my child much!!  oohh look, SHINY!!  :O)

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