Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Post Script

So, um Captain Awesome Pants was a little hesitant that I post what I wrote yesterday.  He is usually right. 

But as you can see I posted anyways.... If I have offended it was not my intent. 

I started blogging so that I could vent about my life. My feelings, reactions are part of that. 

My only thoughts as to why I may have over reacted (if some see it as such), was that it's been 10 years that I have been watching these things....

And I know with hindsight, and time to think relax step back from things, that what I said didn't allow for those who suffer from PND, or other such things that parents do suffer from. I wasn't aiming my thoughts at these people. 

I don't think I was aiming my thoughts at anyone in particular, I was just releasing.  I also was not trying to say that I am a good parent, that I love my children all the time, and wish to be round them all day long.  For then I would be a Fucken Liar!  

I know I don't have my shit together as a parent  and probably would beneift from some "time away for me" but it just doesn't seem to happen for me. Maybe I'm jealous.  I have other coping mechanisms - be they good or bad, probably bad.  *sigh*

Anyways as a follow up to yesterday (yeah yeah yeah I know I only just posted - pesky real life meant I ran out of time yesterday. it was meant for yesterday!) I just wanted to clarify that altho my post was terribly judgemental, unforgiving, unrealistic and not very nice to some  It was simply My Need To Vent My Spleen. 

I will aim for Sweetness and Light tomorrow. 

Don't hold you're breath tho, you know me....not so much the Miss Mary Sunshine  :OP


  1. Hey! It's your blog, so you can say whatever you like (within the legal strictures on slander and the like). No one is forced to read your rantings, and if they don't like it, they can always close the browser tab/window and go away...

    Still love ya, Princess!

  2. What do they always say? Stand for something or you'll fall for anything? Good on you having strong opinions, and being such an aggressive advocate for your kids and their needs. I'm yet to return to PC and see if it meets the needs of myself and my 1-almost-2 kids but totally agree that it's a great nurturing environment: PC means you can grow WITH your children. What a blessing!