Thursday, November 18, 2010

well that can't be helping

Got outside & it's windy *sigh*
Slap me upside the head with a cold fish knock me off the wharf.  yup just like this   I'm speechless.

and now read on as I rant my wordlessness  *wink*  ah the irony!! (unless I've used that wrong - I know that bugs the purists - then you're allowed to slap me)

I was out this morning with Monkey, stopped at My Happy Place a.k.a The local Library, then off to do some errands while I had just one monster in tow.  The library is opposite the local police station and there is a pedestrian crossing on the road kinda between them. On my way back to the car after completing things I watched a mother & child cross near the crossing but not on it. This kinda thing steams my undies, coz it's just not good modelling. Kids will do as you do so much more often than they do as you say..... and fuckit I don't wanna have the misfortune of being the one who hits your kid who is crossing in a fucktarded unsafe place coz you are too lazy to teach them to follow the rules!!  *big breath*

Every day I dodge stupid children crossing the main road of our town/city coming home from school. Children who are old enough to know better. Children who can see the pedestrian crossing, but think they can cross safely here thankyouverymuch.  I have on occasion yelled out the window of my car at them, mostly when I am driving and think they are about to land up under my wheels. I would hate to hit someone. Even a stupid someone. 

I don't need to be breaking someone's heart by taking away their child.

Everytime I yell at someone (either inside the car, or actually out the window at them) I then have a BIG discussion with my kids. Using the moment to teach them. They know now that they must use crossings. And to how to use crossings safely. They also know if I "ever hear of or see you crossing the road not at a crossing I will kick your arse. Even if you are 18 I will still kick you arse!" Hopefully I am raising kids smart enough to think safety first. Time will tell....

But that's not what astounded me.  I then watched 2 policemen (well they walked out of the station with sunglasses on, carrying hardback notebooks - they had a very Detectivey Air about them) as they exited the cop shop and crossed the road 2 metres or less from the pedestrian crossing.  I was thisclose, I swear thisclose, to yelling at them. I know! That makes me a certifiable Crazy Lady. But I ask you what the FUCK?! I did swear out loud (just not loud enough for them to hear me).  Then, THEN one of them wandered back over the road to chat with some other policey looking plain clothes people!?!

I pondered, stewed, reflected, ruminated on this and my reaction to it as I made our way back to our van. This is the thing.....If the people who's job it is to enforce the law, act in a way that reflects that they think the law doesn't apply to them, then where the hell are we??

And is it any wonder our nation, our world is in such disarray??  

There are rules for a reason. We need to follow them for the Common Good.  Or is this an outdated concept? I'm not saying we should all be sheep "baaaaaaaaa", some individuality is a Good Thing. What has happened that we have so many of us grown up thinking that the Rules don't apply to us.  *shakes head*  That way madness lies. And anarchy.  And that's NOT a Good Thing.  

 this is funny tho....was getting ready to leave this morning and saw the kids had been playing with a Zurg toy or two.
It was posed in all innocence I'm sure, but it just seems wrong somehow....  :OD 

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