Friday, November 19, 2010

calm before the storm

So we're going away up north next week, just me, Captain Awesome and Monkey.  

But that's not till next week. So altho there is a bunch of stuff I need to do, want to do to get the house ready for us (well, essentially me the Housewifely Extraordinaire) not being here, it's too soon. Things I wanna do so that it's not so hard on my parents looking after The Clan. Things like cleaning the bathroom, washing sheets, vacuuming, getting as much washing done as possible, and to a certain extent packing our stuff can't really be done yet. There are too many days yet to pass.

And so I sit in a fit of limbo. My head swirling with the lists of things I have to remember, looking at the actual lists of things to do making sure I haven't missed anything, adding things to it - even minute things that I know I won't forget but want to write down just in case my brain melts out my ear at the last minute.  *points to self* Dork.  I am poised to strike, to complete tasks and cross them off....but for now, there's nothing much to do.

It's a strange state, and one that I don't particularly enjoy. It makes me cranky (I think that is the term oh Captain, my Captain would use. It's a technical term, doncha know?  *wink*)  I know that in a day or two I will be a whirlwind of activity and then we will be off, leaving our beloved babies (yes we do think of them this way. The Beloved, not the baby. Sometimes!) behind in the safe care of their grand-parentals and we can relax and enjoy the time away.

my washing pile/couch at low tide

 But not yet. For now we have limbo.... today I noticed these things while wandering my house thinking I had much to do, then realising most of it I could not do, and then feeling a little lost I must admit.  It was odd. It is odd.   But I know that this feeling too shall pass.

I'm sorry Googlemaps, which blue line do I follow? fucktard.
A little boy has been busy - a parking attendant in training!

Bring on the plane ride *bounce* 
catching up with a beloved longtimenotseen friend, her family and her wee boy I havenotyetmet *yay* 
and the U2 concert *squeee*  
plus y'know, time with 2 of my fav boys.  :OD

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