Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If my body wasn't dying today

if you were paying attention yesterday you would have noted the captions on the photos - Yes I do a dance class and a Zumba class. 

The dance on Saturday is an adult Jazz class, it's lotsa fun. I took it up as I used to pre-monkey do a jazz class where we lived then. I even sat my Grade 3 exams. I think I might have even got Honours. I know I passed which was enough for me! And we all say Hurrah for Low Expectations!!

The Zumba I was a little more hesitant about doing, as although it looks like fun on the ads, it seemed totally naff to me to admit to be doing something that's on an ad on tv. A fad.  But as a friend posted after attending a class doing anything that involves moving is good, so much more if you enjoy it!!  I think the enjoyment means that you are more likely to keep doing it.

This is in part why I'm not a fan of exercise in general - I don't enjoy it.  But dancing I have long enjoyed, although the formalised stuff is new to me.  I gave Zumba a shot coz it's part dance, funky music and we have a really enthusiastic teacher (it's at the same place as my jazz classes).  Sadly in the last two months, for various reasons I haven't been able to make my monday night habit. I thought I was ok with this until I went last night and realised how much I had missed it.  I feel like an uncoordinated noob  but there is a great sense of achievement when I get a sequence of steps sorted.  YAY!!

I had also forgotten what a work out it is.  Boy am I feeling it today. My wings hurt (you know those muscles under your arms). 
See that red spot, that's where the splinter was

3 cuts on one finger. Yep I ROCK  :O/

Also I got a splinter in my foot yesterday, although I removed it once I knew it was there (I had thought I was just getting a blister *dork*) my foot hurt for the rest of the day.  And I cut my finger in three places trying to attach the hose thingy to the waterslide for the kids.

Why am  I telling you this? What has it to do with Zumba?  Not a lot. I just want sympathy coz I hurt  :O/  Also I was going to start by saying I wouldn't be writing a lot today as I am sore in various places, but that's kinda redundant now huh??   ;OD

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