Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Off the Grid....in more ways than one!

hello my lovelies!!

Hey, so firstly apologies to anyone who was looking for yesterday's post. Um, yeah it didn't happen. I mentioned that we're going away right? That's tomorrow, and yesterday was crazy busy with things I had to do: doc appt for 2 boys; an extra meeting or two (wtf?); and banging my head against my keyboard trying unsuccessfully to get the laptop I usually work on to connect to internet.  ack.

Today's post comes to you in association with the words "grr", "fuckyouyouuselesspieceofshit!", the lilting rhythm of a puter being slammed shut - yet again- and the dulcit tones of Prodigy as I try to type with this retched icky keyboard at the desktop computer and not lose my mind.......   

Yeah good luck with that I hear you say.  :O/

May I just say, the Prodigy is helping.  here see if it doesn't help your day some. 

ooh! and 6 minutes and counting till the water goes off for 4 hours. Yea-up it's all fun and games here. I know you're jealous!  *wink* Whining cildren are certainly helping me focus.  I'm sure I had a purpose, a post idea in mind when I sat down....surely I did?  I wouldn't entertain you with a stream of consciousness dribbling blather about my day? Oh yeah, I might just do that.

But! NO. Today I came, hat in hand to tell you I will be off the grid this week, and not just coz the computer is being a *stretches neck* unhelpful piece of technology.  It is because I am not taking my laptop away with me. I sady wouldn't know how to connect in interweb away from home anyways. Yes I see you Dad and brother(s) rolling your eyes at my incompetence.  Deal with it.  I also have no photos today as they are on the laptop, and the camera has flat batteries, and the shopping hasn't arrived yet.

yup just full of excuses today. that's me. can't even be arsed with capital letters now.....
*looks around* can't find good help anywhere! 

I have packed my notebook and the camera tho, so I promise a lovely few stories of our time away. But I plan to relax with good friends, Captain Awesome and Monkey. It's a much needed break.

Here's to it all going smoothly *raises glass* - the kids left behind at home, and our adventure in The Big City   ;OD

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  1. did you see that got voted the most controversial song eva in for eva eva?
    it is pretty umm, yeah anyway. here:

    anyway, chill a bit:
    (check out that pube patch. MY LORD HIPPY MANS)