Friday, February 7, 2014

And dennn......

So, the meeting ended on a positive note....

with laughter, a list of tasks, and a feeling of contributing to the group.

Fuckin seriously?!?  Why the rollercoaster, brain?  pffftt

This is what I saw in my head while driving home....well, I can't find just the snippet that was in my head, and i don't have the technical know how - or lets be honest, the willpower to make time to fiddle around! - to cut out the it's just really her reaction when he removes his shirt. The first 2 words she says. gah. Just watch it, it'll make sense.

I promise.

So that was me reaction to my brain. Stupid thing!

anyhoos... then a few days later I had an online meeting with my Fed team - these are good. I like these women, they inspire me, push me to be better, encourage me to step up, and remind me (and not usually in words) when I need to pull my socks up and do more!  

And we were having a catch up, as ya do, and we talked about moving forward, as a team, but our whole Playcentre organisation. Here's some background: this have come to a point where we need to drastically change how we function. Society isn't working like it used to  70years ago when we started. Parent's don't stay at home with their kids for as long, often not really at all, some by choice but more and more simply because bills need to be paid. Or if you are out the workforce, step of your career path for 12 months you get woefully left behind. So it's not seen as worth it to stay home. This isn't the only reason we have to change, but I see it as a big part of it. 

The other thing I see as having changed is people. And their expectations of life, of society, of their entitlements, and of what is reasonable to be asked of them. This is a generalisation - of course it is. And of course there are exceptions to the rule. This is always the case.  Also, people don't tend to have larger families anymore - they are in and out of ECE in 3 years - not 15 like me. I'm an anomaly. I'm ok with that.   It gives me perspective.

Anyhoos - where was I?  Oh yeah, talking with my team - I can't share here what I shared there, the time isn't right yet. And I have folk to talk to first, it's only right, it's respectful of them and all. But what it boils down to, is that I see maybe a place for me in the Federation in the upcoming year (if they'll have me. If they believe I would be valuable in the role...) Which is progress from how I was feeling on Monday. So this is good.

And it's weird, I love the holidays. I do! I love lounging round in my pjs, not having to be out the house by 840am all that jazz......but I'm feeling better this week than I have all year (yeah yeah I know we're only a little over a month in. shush). 

I know I'm feeling better coz I chose to vacuum the other night. AND I've been noticing that things need dusting. I NEVER notice dust!! let alone do anything about it.

So worry not my friends, those who gather to listen to my ramblings, things are looking up. I know that I may not know now for certain, and I may have to "wait my patience" and as much as I hate that, it will be all good in the end.

Meanwhile, this song struck a chord with me this evening..... always a good reminder!  :O)


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