Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Went avisiting ...

So, yesterday my mum organized for us to visit a lady she had met who had chickens. 24 chickens.

It was great, she has only had them for a wee while, but I learnt stuffs, which is always good.

The biggest thing I came back home with tho is the knowledge that what we're doing is right. We have happy chickens. Yay!! There are things we can do better. There are always things one can improve, tis the way of life. I'm ok with that. Actually I like that, it gives me something to aim towards. Moving forward always feels better to me than standing still. Which is odd.  Huh.

I'm not and never really have been a goal setter by nature. But look at that, somehow I still things to aim for. Ain't life weird.

Anyways, we have happy chickens. Knowledge that came with a huge sense of relief. Also, watching her talk to her chickens made me feel less crazy that I talked to mine. But the  I have always talked to my babies like they were big people (just in little bodies for the time being). And I talked to Teal'c like he was a person, just a furry person. I've found if you expect people to understand even if they can't they tend to understand. Teal'c knows he can sit outside the door, or inside for that matter, and wait for someone o see and they'll open the door. If we take too long he'll minor. Or shake his head to rattle the bells on his collar. Or when it's dark he needs to come to our bedroom window to minor. Smart kitty. *nod*

And hopefully, even with their dumb nature and naturally inclined sacredness, I'm gonna raise smart chickens too.

Time will tell.

For now, we have happy chickens and yummy eggs  :oD

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  1. minor? Your cat is now underage? *confused look*