Monday, April 23, 2012

Stuck on Replay

Thanks to the twitter I came across a song. It's probably one you've heard already, but I don't listen to the radio - the constant ads and talk crap drives me to distraction!

So, here is the first version I heard, it's not the original but I love these guys. The way they play, how much they must have practised to get it right. And wow,  the instrumentation!

Then a friend posted this version the other day.  This is the artist. I was a little unsure that I liked it at first. I like the guitar version, but I was a little transfixed by the video I have to say.

And the more I watch it, the more I like. I love the xylophoney glockenspiel thingy in the background, I LOVE the way Goyte and Kimbra are acting not just I have it on repeat, waiting for payday so I can go out and buy the album so I can listen to it without sucking down internet useage.

See what you think...  :OD


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