Monday, April 16, 2012


So, hmmm,  been in a bit of a funk lately. 

I say lately. pffft. I think it's been brewing for a while - when I really think about it, it's been since I sprained my ankle in November last year. So 5 months. *phew*

Some of it is frustration that it's taken so damn long to heal. and that's making me cranky I guess.
I really should just let it go. it'll take as long as it takes. Plus as my brother likes to point out, maybe it's taking so long for a reason, that I need to slow down.

I slowed down. I have stood down from my position at my Playcentre, I'm still doing the Association stuff, but that's fairly light.  And now it's school holidays.....

Now it feels like my day is rotating around feeding kids, baking bread and washing. Endless washing.  I guess with 6 kids there is a LOT of washing anyways.....

Been trying to think of something to blog about, coz I've kinda hit a wall. You may have noticed I don't post much anymore. Mostly coz I don't think I have anything interesting to say. I never wanted this to be another whiney mum at home blog. There are plenty of them out there as it is......

Except that it means when all I do, well most of what I do is housework, well. There's only so many times I can post about that. So I'm waiting for something exciting, noteworthy, or even slightly interesting to happen to post about.  And watching the news just does my head in, it's either nonsense stories - "celebrities" or sports, or stuff that just makes me lose my faith in humans. I can't write about that and stay sane.

Maybe I should lower my sights a bit. Post shorter stories, tell you funny anecdotes....

like Admiral Awesome referred to himself as "Grand Admiral A Man" :O)  and he continues to mock the fact that I have an online life at all. He "live tweets"  "I'm going to the lounge now. turning on the tv. eating some chips"   funny man.  Good thing I love him.

anyways, so that's why I've been quiet lately. Again. 

I hope to have things to share again.   :O)

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