Thursday, January 12, 2012

Busy Times Doing Nothing Much

I got all dressed up the other day, got ready, met the kid sitter and fled out the door to my physio appt.

Arrived on time. Awesomeness. Then the receptionist asked for my name again....

I was a day early.  *facepalm*

On the up side I've been productive over the weekend.....

Dyed my hair again  

Blue frog
And crotchetted these two gorgeous if slightly weird looking creatures.... 

A green squirrel. Of course.

And now I'm working on a monkey for Dude.... then STFU & Ginger want monkeys too, but I think they will be a little bigger. Or I'm gonna spend my days trying to find these little 10cm buggers all round the place all day long.....

Not so much fun.

But I'm enjoying the being creative process. and also being able to reasonably easily adapt the recipes (read: patterns)  by myself, even tho I'm a relative novice at this crotchetting lark.

And now I must go break up another fight. The manufacturers of waterslides FUCKEN LIED!! It's not all happy children laughing & playing here.  

I'm blaming the muggines. I think *fingers crossed* that medicating them with iceblocks might work. 

The cool water certainly hasn't.  :O/

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