Monday, June 9, 2014

Fancy Pants Tricks....

Well I think so...

Was at Derby the other week and did a cartwheel as part of walking back from the toilet stretch. I was a gymnast as a child and I still find cartwheels, handstands and such relaxing....*shrug* I don't question it too hard.

Anyways, a mate asked if I could do the cartwheel on wheels. I replied "ah no. You know me and balance aren't always friends!" (i have a history at derby of falling and getting wicked bruises even when I aiming to stay upright. I think it's more coz I push boundaries and my brain often thinks I can do stuff my body isn't -quite- up to!)

Five minutes later..... I think "fuckit. Challenge accepted. Now I have to bloody well try it"

And huzzah! Lookit here....

So there ya go.  I know I kinda cheated so that I wasn't really using my wheels, but *shrug*  screw you hippie, -I- can do a cartwheel on skates. 

Beat that with a stick  ;O)

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